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The writers of this book have thought of just about everything. This is the most comprehensive guide to GP training I've ever come across, written in a style which is readable, accessible and which even makes the dull bits fun. It's an absolute MUST to anyone thinking of GP training and probably has lots of useful info even for those who have been training for years. I also REALLY like the on-line resources for each chapter, with loads of more lateral explorations and deeper insights. Great work, well done 🙂
Dr A
I used the book quite a bit to prepare some material for a teaching session I ran for GP Educators in Moscow . I was seen clutching it (for survival I felt on the first day) and my hosts asked me to leave it behind. Well, I could hardly refuse.
Dr Paul Vincent
Finally, the fog starts to clear - this book has been a lifesaver for me as I embark on my pathway to becoming a GP Educator. Thank you, a million times, for straighforward, sensible advice and for giving me the knowledge that I am not alone. Nothing else I have read about educating doctors has made any sense to me. Brilliant.
If you're a trainee or an educator I don't think there could be a more readable resource out there. The way this book is written is as if you were talking to a friend of colleague and that is what makes it so unique. You can dip in and out of it easily and it encourages you to ask the obvious and not feel 'daft'. It explains things in a way that navigates around all the jargon that can sometimes seem to get in the way in most of the other literature about medical education. Some of the best features of the book are the top tips, the brilliant charts and illustrations, and the fact that each chunk offers signposts to other useful and relevant parts of the book as well as some good online resources. A superbly written book and one that is a must for the practice library. Thanks to Ramesh and the team of brilliant educators for having the passion and enthusiasm to produce this massive piece of work which has certainly already helped me each time I've dipped into it.
This book is fantastic! It contains all the information a GP trainer could want. It even makes educational theory interesting. It has a great layout with plently of pictures and top tips. An ideal book for someone like me who finds most GP training books heavy going.
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