About the Book Project

HOW IT STARTED (...2009)

Many of you will be familiar with the book ‘Educating the Future GP’ by Patrick McEvoy. ‘Paddy’ was a Course Organiser in Northern Ireland and his book was the first recognised ‘manual’ for Course Organisers.

It revolutionised training because for the first time it made others realise that teaching required a unique skill set of it’s own. Following on from that, GP Trainers had to start engaging with structured training on how to teach. Paddy’s book was instrumental in effecting this change.

As a Training Programme Director, I have seen how the world of GP training has changed over the last 10 years. There are more GP educators than ever before, and training is even more structured and comprehensive. You can’t become a GP Trainer by being a GP for x number of years, or by showing a tad of interest alone: you have to know some educational ‘stuff’ and have some educational skills. 

So here is a book to help you with that. It’s the sequel to Paddy’s ‘Educating the Future GP’ and we hope that the educational philosophy in his book continues to live on through ours.

I could go on about our book, but really, I think the book speaks for itself. Pick up a copy and flick through it – I am sure that our thoughts, personal examples , pretty pictures and diagrams will stimulate and inspire you.

And the best thing about all the web stuff is that it is TOTALLY FREE. That’s because our aim is to improve GP education in the UK. We believe in that mission with our minds and our souls. Improving primary care education world-wide would be good too!

Ramesh Mehay, Bradford

Did you know...

  1. Over 80 hands-on educators have been involved in this book. Some are doctors, and others are not. This balanced mix adds new textures and flavours to this book difficult to find in others.
  2. These educators were selected on strict selection criteria. For instance, those who had developed a project or enacted learning theory scored more ‘brownie points’ than those who had merely written about it. Too many educational books these days are written by academics but ours is different. We’ve enrolled the do-ers!
  3. Each chapter has a lead author supported by a set of buddy authors. This ensures the content of each chapter is balanced and equilibrated (i.e. not skewed by any strong views).
  4. Lead and buddy authors were only allowed to write on topics they were passionate about, beyond a simple interest in or familiarity with. Writing with passion helps capture pearls of wisdom difficult to find elsewhere.
  5. There was some universal guidance given to all authors, detailing a minimum syllabus required of their text.
  6. All authors were asked to write in a relaxed style with a sprinkling of humour; a move away from the pompous language used in many traditional medical texts. We wanted something light-hearted enough for you to take into the garden on a nice warm summer’s day, to read over a glass of wine or a cup of tea, and something you could understand on the first read.
  7. The varied format of each chapter helps the content come alive: tables, flowcharts, colourful and pretty diagrams, interesting anecdotes and so on.
  8. Each chapter combines theory and practice. And you can use the practical material and templates straight away!
  9. Each chapter is linked to additional web material for those of you who want to delve deeper. Our website has over 300 academic and practical resources.
  10. And finally, none of the authors have been paid for contributing. They are so committed to GP education that they’ve given their time freely and willingly. Now that’s a sign of true dedication.

Is there any other book about GP education that offers you the same?

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