The authors

As you can see below, are authors are from all over the UK who collectively have a range of special interests which we gives the book a new dimension compared to the other educational books out there.   For the next edition, we are always on the look out for new authors.  Please contact if you wish to contribute.   No previous writing experience necessary – just an enthusiasm and passion for whatever it is you want to contribute to. 


Former Deputy Director, Yorkshire & Humber Deanery

I have previously been a GP partner, GP trainer, a TPD for Leeds GP training scheme and a clinical lecturer and Postgraduate Programme Director for the MSc course for Education in Primary Care at the University of Leeds.

Other roles: Salaried GP, Chair RCGP Yorkshire Faculty

Jim Bartlett

TPD, Shrpshire, West Midlands Deanery

I have been an MRCGP examiner since 2000 and a TPD since 2002 .I also help run the group within the exam which writes and updates the cases for the CSA. I am a trainer and full time GP in a small market town in the West Midlands.

Other Roles: GP in Wem, Shropshire, MRCGP examiner

Robin Beaumont

Tutor MSc Health Informatics, Edinburgh University

Have worked in Health informatics for over two decades focusing on teaching (systems design and evaluation) and actively involved in using quantitative methods including advanced statistical techniques such as Mixed models and Structural Equation Modelling in national projects (including Prodigy and UK Bowel screening program). I maintain a website which contains a large amount of Health informatics material mostly written by myself and used by universities all over the world: and also a YouTube channel which contains ‘how to do it’ guides concerning systems modelling with MagicDraw and more recently medical statistics with SPSS and R (a fantastic statistics environment which is entirely free).

Other roles : My first degree was in music and now I spend much of my spare time playing and accompanying on the piano, I also very much enjoy playing the organ.

Hasna Begum

TPD Bradford, Yorkshire & the Humber Deanery

I am a TPD in Bradford and a GP principal in East Lancashire. I am currently studying for a masters in Medical Education at Cardiff University and run the modular courses for the Bradford GP Training Scheme.

Other roles: NIHR In-practice Fellow.

Jo Buchanan

Former Associate Director, Yorkshire & the Humber Deanery

I used to be an Associate Postgraduate Dean for Yorkshire & the Humber Deanery. My interest centred on multiple trainee practices.

Glynis Buckle

GP Dean, Oxford Deanery

First employed as a practice manager in 1989 in Northamptonshire and became actively involved in GP training in early 1990s. Appointed as a CPD Tutor in 2000, then a Programme Director, then Deputy Director of the LNR Foundation School, then Associate GP Dean (in both East Midlands and Oxford Deanery), became Head of School of General Practice in Oxford in 1997 then finally acting GP Dean in 2010. One of my most valued achievements is being awarded honorary fellowship of RCGP.

Roger Burns

Ex TPD (Haverfordwest), Wales Deanery

I have now retired from General Practice. I used to be chair of the Association of Course Organisers and was the one who recruited Ram into doing this project.

Jon Chadwick

TPD (Scarborough), Yorkshire & Humber Deanery

I’ve been a TPD since 2000, and developed an interest in cultural diversity as a result of an extraordinarily high proportion of International Medical Graduates (IMGs) on the Scarborough Training scheme (currently 80%). This lead to collaboration with Dr Maggie Eisner from 2004 running educational seminars on cultural diversity for trainees and GP trainers. More recently the focus of my interest has been on the difficulties faced by IMGs in passing the CSA.

Other Roles: GP and trainer in Whitby.

Prit Chahal

Former TPD (Nottingham), East Midlands Deanery

I have been a Programme Director since 1995 and an Associate Postgraduate Dean (for East Midlands Deanery) since 2009. I have a special interest in promoting educational based research and the development of an InterProfessional learning environment in GP training.

Other Roles: Currently chair of UKAPD – the association for Programme Directors.

Rodger Charlton

Professor of Medical Education, College of Medicine, Univ Swansea

I have been a GP Trainer since 1998 and a TPD for 5 years in the West Midlands. I am also an undergraduate teacher and I am currently a part-time professor of medical education at the College of Medicine in Swansea. I enjoy the continuum of GP education from enthusing sixth formers, medical students and foundation year doctors to consider a career in general practice and I currently have a student, foundation year 2 doctor and an associate in training in my GP practice. Recently I have been involved in researching the feasibility of the proposed RCGP Revalidation process for GPs and GPs working in secure environments.

Other roles: GP Appraiser and Honorary Editor of RCGP Publications

Brad Cheek

Ex TPD (East Cumbria), Northern Deanery

A trainer for decades! Previously a group leader, appraiser, course organiser and GP tutor, and until recently, the Lead Training Programme Director of East Cumbria VTS. I have been involved with the development of the e-portfolio, and was recently the vice chair of the UK Association of Programme Directors (UKAPD). Special interests include communication skills, rheumatology and medical informatics. Working in a training practice with other trainers certainly keeps the enthusiasm pot boiling. I work at James Street for 5 sessions a week.  By the way, remember  and  Well they’re are my web projects.

Interested in photography, travel, fencing, and playing the piano – which, I have discovered, is trickier than it looks!

Lucy Clark

TPD (Bradford), Yorkshire & Humber Deanery

I am a Programme Director at Bradford and am mainly responsible for the Half-Day release programme and its delivery. I particularly like thinking about creative and innovative ways of teaching (and I find educational theory fascinating!).

Gail Crowley

TPD (Rotherham), Yorkshire & Humber Deanery

I am a GP in Rotherham having trained in London at St Mary’s Hospital Medical School qualifying in 1987. I completed my GP Vocational Training in Ealing and then had a brief spell in Skipton, North Yorkshire before settling in Rotherham in 1995. My educational roles started with GP Training in 2003, Course Organising in 2006 and in 2008 I became an examiner for the MRCGP.

Other roles : GP Rotherham, GP Trainer, Training Programme Director Rotherham GPSTP, MRCGP examiner, UKAPD executive committee member

Adrian Curtis

TPD (Bath), Severn Deanery

I am a Programme Director for the Bath GP Training Scheme. I have an interest in all aspects of GP training, especially for GP trainees who are in hospital posts. I work as a salaried GP with a clinical background in Emergency Medicine.

Arun Davangere

Salaried GP in Worksop, Sheffield

I was an IMG graduate trained in Sheffield (2009) and then became course organiser for CSA developing competency for IMG graduates.

Mary Davis

Associate GP Dean, Kent, Surrey, Sussex (KSS) Deanery

I started as a Course Organiser in 1982 in South West Thames. I moved on to become Deanery Course organiser, and then took that role to KSS Deanery when it was formed in 1990. With Peter Jenkins I ran courses on running small groups from 1989 onwards for Course Organisers [later Programme Directors] from all over the UK, and abroad. I now work with ST3s on CSA preparation, and oversee the simulation team in our Deanery.

Nigel de Kare-Silver

Associate Director, London Deanery

I have been an AD since 2008 and was previously a PD (TPD) at Central Middlesex Hospital. I am committed to education and have been engaged in teaching since qualifying. My practice is sited in one of the most challenging areas of north London with the largest ethnic, cultural and language diversity in the country. I am very aware of the pressures faced by GP trainees when attempting to apply their skills and knowledge to their patients and thereby the imperative to relate assessments to performance in practice.

Other roles: formerly Brent GP Commissioning Group Chair and subsequently Brent PCG and PCT, PEC member. I am currently a GP trainer. I have served as an Ambassador of the International Department of the RCGP on two occasions leading educational initiatives overseas. I am Assessment lead on Educational Supervision, Trainee ARCP Review and Recruitment.

Mei-Ling Denney

TPD (Edinburgh), South East Scotland

I qualified as a GP in 1987 and gained a degree in Medical Education from Nottingham University in 2002. I worked as a fulltime GP principal for 15 years, and now work as a portfolio GP. I have longstanding interests in training, assessment, and appraisal of doctors, and have been a GP Trainer, and am an experienced MRCGP examiner. I worked as a Programme Director in Cambridgeshire for many years, and now continue to do this role in Edinburgh. As part of my role in the MRCGP, I work with others across the CSA, AKT and workplace based assessment. I am also involved in supporting and quality assuring Family Medicine exams for MRCGP International.

Other roles: MRCGP R&D Lead, Appraiser

Fergus Donaghy

TPD (Northern Ireland), NIMDTA Northern Ireland

I’ve been a trainer since 1992 & TPD since 2005; But the best educational experience since Finals was returning to Uni to complete part time Masters over three years and learn about Education with other disciplines. Training Post Graduate Doctors must be the most rewarding (and challenging) role ever created!

Other Roles: GP Trainer & Appraiser

Julie Draper

Retired GP and trainer, Author 'Communicating with Patients), East Anglian Deanery, Univ. Cambridge

After many years of teaching communication skills to GPs in training, medical students, and teaching the trainers, I have spent much of my retirement from clinical practice teaching the medical interview in North Africa, the Middle East, and central Asia.

(Co-author of Skills for Communicating with Patients by Silverman, Kurtz & Draper).

Fiona Dudley

Simulated patient, facilitator, lecturer and trainer, Univ. Leeds, Hull-York Medical School & Yorkshire & Humber Deanery

My background is in Occupational Therapy within the field of mental health, and I have been involved in medical and healthcare education in a variety of ways since 1992 – communication skills, team work, the patient’s perspective, ethics, chronic disease management, mental health issues and so on. I’ve written OSCEs, lectured, facilitated small group learning and written creative training materials for use within medical education at all levels. I’ve also been involved in examinations and the recruitment/selection process.

It’s probably no surprise to you that I am passionate about teaching with patient simulators. I am also the author of “The Simulated Handbook – a comprehensive guide for facilitators and simulated patients”.

Julie Eccles

GP Trainer (Gateshead), Northern Deanery

I have been a GP trainer for 20 years and was a TPD for 11 until I December 2009 For the last 3 years I was the lead TPD for Northumbria VTS and spent a lot of time dealing with trainees experiencing difficulties of one sort or another: hence my interest. I am still a GP trainer in Gateshead.

Maggie Eisner

Former TPD (Bradford), Yorkshire & Humber Deanery

In 1984 I took over a single handed practice in Shipley (near Bradford) and was a GP there until I retired in 2007. As the practice grew we continued to offer high quality clinical care with a special commitment to patients from socially marginalised groups, and to create an organisational culture fostering the development of all members of the team. As a Training Programme Director since 2000, I am keen to pass these values on to our trainees.

Other Roles: Since 2010 I have been a volunteer with the organisation Freedom from Torture (formerly the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture). I work in the Medico Legal Report writing team, interviewing and examining clients in order to write reports supporting their asylum applications and appeals.

Sheena Gibson

Final year lead (Keele Medical School), West Midlands Deanery

I completed my Masters in Medical Education from Cardiff in 2005 and have tried to maintain a balance between undergraduate, postgraduate education, clinical practice and family life since then.

Other roles: CSA examiner, Trainer, Professionalism Module Lead Diploma Medical Education at Keele.

John Hart

TPD (Kettering), East Midlands Deanery
I have been a trainer since 1997 and a programme director since 2001.

Charlotte Hart

Course Director (MMed), Keele University

I was a TPD from 2004 then switched to Course Director of the MMedEd in 2010. I am also a GP principal.

Miriam Hawkins

Simulated patient & Facilitator, Yorkshire region

I’ve been a Simulated Patient and Facilitator since 1998. I currently work with undergraduate medical students at the University of Leeds. I also support recruitment and training of Simulated Patients.

Other roles: I am a Specialist Mentor, working primarily with students who have been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. I also support students with general learning difficulties in an adult education setting.

Roger Higson

TPD (Northallerton), Yorkshire & Humber Deanery

Retired from General Practice in 2010 after 30 years in Masham in North Yorkshire. I have run seminars and workshops on using the creative arts in medical education in The Yorkshire and Humber Deanery, several other Deaneries in the UK, The Academic Unit of Primary Care at Leeds University and as far afield as Byron Bay in Australia.

I am co-author, with Elaine Powley, of “The arts in medical education, a practical guide”.

Mair Hopkin

Associate Dean, Wales

I was a Course Organiser for the Royal Glamorgan Scheme, South Wales from 1994 to 2004. I then became an Associate Dean with responsibility for running the New Trainer Course and Programme Director Induction. I have an all Wales responsibility for less than full time training, careers development and GPR appraisal and patch responsibility for the Gwent GP Specialty Training scheme. I am a past chairman and secretary of ACO.

Other roles: GP Old School Surgery Pontyclun South Wales.

Allyson Horner

Former Scheme Manager, Durham & Tees Valley GP Training Programme, Northern Deanery

Since 1977 I have been the Scheme Manager of the Cleveland\Tees Valley\now Durham & Tees Valley GP Training Programme. During this time I have organised many varied courses, conferences and training events involving trainees, trainers, GP Tutors ,Course Organisers, Directors, etc. Since 1994 I have been the Administrator of the Association of Course Organisers – now UK Association of Programme Directors – organising the Annual Conference at Ripon which has more latterly been held at disparate locations around the UK. I thoroughly enjoy meeting and working with a wide variety of people both within the UKAPD and GP Training – a sense of humour being an essential requirement!!

Andy Hutchinson

Education & Development Manager, NICE (Nation Prescribing Centre)

I was originally a hospital pharmacist and moved to primary care in 2000, joining the NPC full time in 2007. I have enjoyed working with GPs and GP trainees for many years, including contributing to local MRCGP courses. I have a strong interest in education around evidence-based medicine and getting evidence into practice.

Damian Kenny

GP Educationalist, Severn Deanery

I have been a GP Educationalist since 1998 and a GP Trainer since 2007. My main role has been to promote continuing education for qualified GPs, at first promoting personal and practice development plans and later supporting GPs and Appraisers in engaging with the Appraisal scheme. I now contribute to GP Trainer refresher courses, and support Consultants in providing good quality GP education. More recently I have been offering support to GPs and GP trainees with difficulties.

Other Roles: GP in Dursley, Gloucestershire

Amjad Khan

Associate GP Dean, West Midlands Deanery

An inner city GP since 1992. Involved in GP education since 2002. GP Appraisal Lead since 2006.

Other Roles: Responsible Officer (Revalidation) for PCT from 2011

Mohan Kumar

Associate GP Director, North West Deanery

I have been a GP Educator in various guises since 1999, starting as a GP Trainer and subsequently a Course Organiser. I joined the Deanery team in 2006 as a GP Associate Director and have contributed to the development of GP Trainers and reviewed the criteria for Learning environments. I am passionate about teaching and feel that the GP Education has come on tremendously over the past years. I continue to develop Educator Training and feel that the on-going innovation and creativity would further enrich GP Specialty Training.

Other Roles: UKCEA executive member, RCGP North West Faculty Newsletter Editor, GP in Wigan.

Iain Lamb

Associate Advisor, South East Scotland

I’ve been an Associate Adviser since 1991 and my main deanery responsibility is training the trainers, course organisers and training programme directors. My involvement with trainees is with communication and teaching skills courses and I support those who are in difficulty. I am lead facilitator on the Scottish Prospective ES Course and Experienced ES Workshops and lead on the Scottish Facilitator Skills Workshop. I have an interest in Interprofessional learning, complexity, creativity and the humanities.

Other roles: UKAPD executive member and Scottish National Training Group executive member.

Sarah Layzell

TPD (Nottingham), East Midlands Deanery

I have been a passionate inner city trainer since 2000 and a PD for 4 years. I have a cross-Deanery remit for Quality Control of our training programmes and also for CPD for trainers. I regularly teach and facilitate on our new trainers course. I personally have an interest in the future development of multi-professional education.

Other roles: Honorary Lecturer: Leicester De Montfort University.

Jo Leahy

Former GP, now GP Coach, Shropshire & Staffordshire

I am a former full time GP. I work with GPs and other health professionals to design a new balanced life which allows them to live and work to their full potential. At the moment I enjoy the flexibility of working as a locum and balancing clinical work with moonlighting as a cook and taxi driver for 3 teenage boys.

I am also a GP Appraiser for both Shropshire PCTs and South Staffordshire PCT. For as long as the process remains formative and developmental, I am passionate about offering quality support to doctors in Primary Care and further empowering them to deal effectively with the changes imposed on them while still having fun!

Name: Jo Leahy; Phone: 0845 456 0951; Email: ; Website:

Malcolm Lewis

GP Director, Wales Deanery

PD Swansea 1993-2000, Deputy Director Wales Deanery 2000-2002, Director Wales Deanery 2002 to date; Chair of COGPED 3 years to December 2010.

Other Roles: GP in Swansea since 1988; Member of GMC 1999-2012 (Chair of Continued Practice, Revalidation and registration Committee); Honorary Professor of Primary Care, School of Medicine, Swansea University.

John Lord

Professor of Primary Medical Care, Univ. Huddersfield

I have been a GP for 35 years, was GP tutor for Huddersfield, and have been an HPE tutor. Now I teach clinical skills, appraise a large number of GPs each year, and continue some clinical activity as a locum.

Marion Lynch

Associate GP Dean and Reader in Primary Care and Social Medicine, Oxford Deanery

I am Associate GP Dean and Academic Lead with Oxford Deanery and Reader with Buckingham University. I joined the NHS in 1982 and still believe in its values and principles.

I have leading programme of learning across South Central SHA (Milton Keynes to Isle of Wight) to educate clinicians and leaders of the future. Through my work to redesign healthcare education to meet the 21st Century health and service needs. In 2009 I was awarded an IHI International Service Quality Award for this work.

I am now contributing to the development of a new medical school to reflect current changes in the need for medical education and am part of the Editorial Board for the Journal for Person Centred Medicine.

In 2010 I completed my Doctorate; challenging the epistemological basis of medical education. In 2011 I will face another mountainous challenge and will set sail to race across the Atlantic to Rio.

Other roles: Editorial Board International Journal of Person Centred Medicine, External examiner Masters in Med Ed.

Ali McDonald

TPD (Northumbria), Northern Deanery

I have been a TPD since 1999 initially in Macclesfield as part of the Mersey Deanery and for the last 8 years in Newcastle. I work 1 day a week as a GP locum which keeps me in touch with the real world. When not at work I’m likely to be found trying to climb some rock or other, or trying to persuade myself that cycling is enjoyable.

Neal Maskrey

Professor of Evidence-informed Decision Making and Programme Director, Keele University & National Prescribing Centre, Liverpool

I am on my 4th career – GP and GP education, medical manager, BMJ, and now Clinical Director of the National Prescribing Centre and NICE. Ten years ago I began investigating why high quality research is variably adopted by clinical practice.

Judy McKimm

Dean & Prof of Medical Education, College of Medicine, Swansea Univ.

I have worked in health professions’ and medical education since 1987, at Imperial College London, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Postgraduate Medical School, the University of Auckland, Unitec New Zealand and, most recently, Swansea University. I have also been involved in a large number of health reform projects around the world, in health management, licensing and accreditation and faculty development. Since 2002 I have been involved in a number of leadership development programmes, in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and Singapore and research and write widely on educational and clinical leadership, as well as more widely on InterProfessional education, curriculum and healthcare education.

Other roles: Visiting Professor in Healthcare Education and Leadership (University of Bedfordshire), Director of Educational Leadership Programmes, ASME (Association for the Study of Medical Education)

James Meade

TPD, Northern Ireland Deanery (NIMDTA)

I am a graduate of University College Dublin.. I work as a GP partner in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland. I have been a GP trainer since 2005 and a Programme Director since 2006. I completed an MSc in Primary Care in 2006 and have been involved in both appraisal and research in General Practice. For me my work as a trainer is the most enjoyable aspect of my work.

Other roles: Protected Learning Time Committee Member in Northern Ireland since 2008

Ramesh Mehay

Former TPD (Bradford), Yorkshire & Humber Deanery

I became a TPD first (back in 2001) and then became a GP trainer (in 2003) and most of you will be familiar with the website I look after – . I am passionate about teaching and learning which is probably why I was silly enough to accept the invitation to put this book project together. A lot of the documents I’ve written about the various MRCGP components amongst other things originally started off as tools and docs to help me – I’m glad to see that many of you find them helpful too.

Other roles: GP in Bradford (Ashcroft Surgery), GP Trainer, Yorkshire RCGP secretary, UKAPD exec committee member.

Peter Milburn

TPD (Medway), Kent, Surrey, Sussex (KSS) Deanery

I am currently employed by Canterbury Christ Church University as Academic Lead for Post Graduate Medical Education within the Faculty of Health and Social Care and am seconded to the Kent, Surry and Sussex Post Graduate Medical Deanery to the support the Medway VTS scheme. My teaching and research interests include InterProfessional education and practice, I have worked for many years writing, teaching and promoting the benefits of effective InterProfessional practice.

Other roles: Director, Canterbury Christ Church University at Medway.

Paul Milne

Senior Lecturer in General Practice, Univ. Central Lancashire, Preston
Ex Deputy Director Yorkshire & the Humber Deanery Passionate about the central place of the consultation in primary care, and the importance of teaching this effectively, I have been a trainer, TPD, APD and Deputy Director. Discovering that the higher management roles in GP education took me too far away from what I love doing, I am now happily engaged in much more hands-on teaching as a nearly full time GP and trainer in Ackworth, West Yorkshire. Author of ‘The Naked Consultation – a practical guide to Primary Care Consultation Skills’ Other roles – undergraduate teacher; GP appraiser.

Liz Moulton

Ex Deputy Director, Yorkshire & the Humber Deanery

Passionate about the central place of the consultation in primary care, and the importance of teaching this effectively, I have been a trainer, TPD, APD and Deputy Director. Discovering that the higher management roles in GP education took me too far away from what I love doing, I am now happily engaged in much more hands-on teaching as a nearly full time GP and trainer in Ackworth, West Yorkshire.

Author of ‘The Naked Consultation – a practical guide to Primary Care Consultation Skills’

Other roles – undergraduate teacher; GP appraiser.

Elizabeth (Bitty) Muller

TPD (Burton on Trent), West Midlands Deanery

I have been working in Medical Education since my early days as a young doctor in rural Zululand running advanced nurse practitioner courses. In the 1990’s I worked for our Deanery as a GP tutor for GP Non-Principals, and ran several “Return to General Practice” courses. Since 2002 I have been a TPD in Burton upon Trent. I belong to the “Scaling the Heights” Educational collaborative – with a strong belief that our educational work is a whole person activity – involving the social, emotional, physical and cognitive domains.

Other Roles: I am a part-time GP & a GP trainer in Lichfield, Staffordshire. I am the TPD representative on the GP School Board of the West Midlands Deanery.

Ruth Nisbet

Ex GP Trainer, SE Scotland Deanery

I have been an ordinary front-line GP in Kelso in the Scottish Borders since 1985. The practice was a training practice for decades and I became a trainer rather later than average in 2005 although had always enjoyed teaching the trainees before that. Sadly, the practice decided to stop training in 2010 due to the increased bureaucracy and workload, but I retain an interest in teaching and training – there are many opportunities for this even in a non-training practice. I offered to proof-read some chapters of this book when I was having an intense medical learning experience by undergoing cancer treatment. It was a useful and interesting thing to do while off work for a few months!

David Pearson

Head of Centre (Education Development); Director, Academy of Primary Care, Hull-York Medical School
I am responsible for undergraduate and postgraduate primary care teaching programmes and placements at the School of Medicine, University of York-Hull Medical School. My research interests are in the educational environment, sustainability in healthcare and the consultation.

Richard Pitt

Associate Professor and Director of Interprofessional Learning, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, University of Nottingham

I’ve had extensive experience in curriculum design and development in undergraduate nursing within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences since 1992. During this time developing a passion for embedding Interprofessional Learning within undergraduate curricula within the University of Nottingham. Experience has been gained in facilitating Interprofessional Learning Student Conferences and Interprofessional Learning sets. From these endeavours I was successful in 2008 in gaining the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences; Faculty of Science and Faculty of Law and Social Policy within the University of Nottingham funding for the Centre for Interprofessional Education and Learning [ ] . The principal aim of CIEL to embed IPL in the seven undergraduate programmes of Dietetics, Medicine, Midwifery, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy and Social Work.

Other Roles: Fellow of the Higher Education Academy: Secretary of the Law and Ethics Interest Group In Health and Social care (; in 2009 elected to the Centre for the Advancement of InterProfessional Education Board of Directors [ ] and co-editor of the CAIPE Bulletin; 2010 Founder member of the International Interprofessional Theory Network; CLARHC Associate –Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care

Elaine Powley

Mainly retired, but occasional medical education work, Ex GP Trainer, Course Organiser (Scarborough)

From 1997, with Dr Roger Higson, I developed methods of using the Arts in Postgraduate Medical Education in Yorkshire, and taught and facilitated many workshops and seminars for Educators, and for trainees. Co-author ‘The Arts in Medical Education’ Radcliffe Publishing 2005. Member of the European General Practice Research Network EGPRN for many years. I am a passionate traveller.

Nick Price

TPD (Bradford), Yorkshire & the Humber Deanery

I am a Training Programme Director at Bradford along with Ramesh, Maggie, Hasna and Lucy and have been doing that since 2000. I also work closely with our local Deanery to help put on educational workshops for new, established and intending Trainers. In the past, I used to help organise the Masters in Primary Care programme at the University of Leeds.

Mark Purvis

GP Director, Yorkshire & the Humber Deanery

A GP in Bradford between 1988 and 2008, I was a faculty tutor, trainer, training programme director and associate director prior to taking up my post in the Deanery in Yorkshire and the Humber. I have been fortunate to stand on the shoulders of giants and to be surrounded by the most wonderful group of motivated, creative, supportive and enthusiastic GP educators who never fail to respond positively to every challenge that we face.

Anna Romito

Researcher in Clinical Education, London Deanery

Anna has a long-standing involvement in both undergraduate and postgraduate education. Her particular interests include the use of peer assisted learning schemes (PALS) and the teaching of medical ethics. As an AiT, ethics tutor and researcher in clinical education, she has an informed understanding of the needs of both the learner and the educator in today’s practice and current training programmes.

Other roles: Anna is currently a GP trainee.

Amar Rughani

APD, Yorkshire & the Humber Deanery

Most importantly, I am a full time GP in Sheffield. By nature, I reflect on life’s experiences and this has led me to think about the bigger picture of medical education and assessment. I get absorbed by questions like ‘Why are we doing this?’ and ‘what does it mean to be a good GP?’ and this has drawn me (no self-control I’m afraid) to work on the GP curriculum, the MRCGP and CPD. I’ve been lucky and have worked with many fantastic and practical colleagues and it’s our shared values that drive us forward. For example, as the GP world becomes more complicated and scrutinised, we want to help our future colleagues understand how education can help them develop not just as doctors but as people too, and to be alive to the inspiration that is all around us.

Other roles: GP Chapelgreen practice (Sheffield), RCGP Examiner and Blueprinting clinical lead, RCGP curriculum development group and postgraduate training board member.

Bruno Rushforth

Clinical Research Fellow in Primary Care, Academic Unit of Primary Care, University of Leeds

I finished my GP registrar training in 2009 having co-authored a Clinical Skills Assessment MRCGP revision aid book in 2008. I spent a year in 2009-2010 as an Academic Teaching Fellow in Leeds and Halifax which included plenty of hands on teaching and supervision of undergraduate and postgraduate learners in primary care, including nursing students. Having completed the PG Certificate in Primary Care Education in 2010 I hope to complete the GP Trainer pathway in 2011.

Other Roles: Salaried GP in Cleckheaton; GMC Associate involved with quality assurance of medical education; BJGP Editorial Board member

Graham Rutt

Head of School and GP trainer, Northern Deanery

A trainer since the late 1980s, I am still a clinical supervisor and occasionally an educational supervisor for trainees in the practice. Strangely, I still enjoy being a GP and the challenge of making sure that assessments support the learning rather than replace it. Most importantly, I am still physically active – look out for me cycling through your area on a tour of Britain.

Other Roles: Head of School, GP trainer, GP are quite enough things to be doing!

Paul Sackin

TPD (Cambridge), East of England Deanery

I’ve been a course organiser or TPD on and off since 1981, I don’t seem to be able to keep away. I have been involved with Balint work since attending seminars run by Michael Balint when I was a student. I like to think that my motivation for involvement in these activities and in the Green Journal is helping others to develop, but no doubt there is something less altruistic behind it all.

Other Roles: Deputy Editor Education for Primary Care (The Green Journal), Secretary elect International Balint Federation

John Salinsky

TPD (Whittington), London Deanery

Course Organiser and TPD at Whittington since 1993. Previously Course Organiser at Northwick Park (1980-93). I have been a Balint enthusiast since I first started as a GP and Balint groups are an integral part of the Whittington programme. I am also interested in increasing the depth of GP cultural and emotional education by including classic novels and films in the curriculum.

JF ‘Shake’ Seigel

TPD (Burton on Trent), West Midlands Deanery

I have been involved in delivering whole person medicine and education since 1977.  Initially in a rural Kwazulu mission training nurse practitioners and then subsequently in the UK since 1986 when I began as a GP trainer. I became a Course Organiser (now TPD) in 1989 and am currently still active in both roles. I also work as an independent educator for “Scaling The Heights”, of which I am a founding member, delivering educational courses in the UK & Europe. My emphasis and philosophy is grounded in the belief that building productive relationships lie at the heart of all human interaction.

Other Roles: My other roles include working as a Balint group facilitator, a mentor for doctors in need, and project work in undergraduate medical education.

Mary Selby

Trainer and RCGP examiner, East of England Deanery

I have been a trainer and College examiner since 2006 and am a former TPD in Bury St Edmunds. I have an interest in lifelong personal development in the sense of encouraging GP trainees to think early on about the ways in which they would like their careers to pan out, and to plan for this in a proactive way. I am now a GP locum in London.

Other roles: RCGP Council member with multiple differing roles within RCGP, CSA case writer and member of CSA case management group, GP principal in Suffolk, GP writer with regular column in the GP press, Trekking doctor regularly acting as medical officer on high altitude trips, Novelist and author, GP appraiser, Church organist.

Allen Shaughnessy

Professor of Family Medicine, Tufts University School of Medicine, Massachusetts, US

I have worked since the early 1990s to help physicians and other clinicians use evidence-based medicine during the care of patients. I have enjoyed teaching family medicine residents since 1987.

David C Slawson

B. Lewis Barnett, Jr., Professor of Family Medicine,Department of Family Medicine , Univ. of Virginia, US

David C. Slawson, M.D. is the B. Lewis Barnett, Jr. Professor of Family Medicine and Vice Chair for Academic Affairs for the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Virginia Health System in Charlottesville, Virginia. He is the Director of the Faculty Development Fellowship Program for the Department of Family Medicine and holds a joint appointment as Professor in the Department of Public Health Sciences. Dr. Slawson is a graduate of the University of Michigan School of Medicine and completed his postdoctoral training in Family Medicine at the University of Virginia. His greatest accomplishment and hardest job is being the father of four children, including 1 3 -year-old triplets and a teenage daughter.

Other Roles: Director of Faculty Development Fellowship, Vice Chair for Academic Affairs

Emma Storr

Clinical Lecturer in Primary Care , Academic Unit of Primary Care, Leeds Institute of Health Sciences.

I have been involved in medical education since 1996 and love the combination of academic and clinical work. I have a particular interest in the medical humanities and the role of the arts in enhancing our understanding of the human condition in health and sickness. I enjoy working with simulated patients in different contexts as a creative way to encourage student learning about the complexity of the medical consultation. I have recently returned from working in New Zealand which extended my teaching and led to new research interests in international medical student experiences.

Other Roles: Part-time salaried GP in Leeds, member of Sessional GP network and KONP.

Heather Suckling

Retired GP (London), Tutor in Professional Development and Balint Group Leader to Medical Students at UCL. Division of Medical Education at University College London

I have been involved in Medical Education since 1981, initially with Postgraduate training for General Practice (as a Course Organizer) and since 2002 with Undergraduates. I have been a member of the Balint Society since 1978, I am a past President. I have been a Balint Group leader since 1981. You may have read my book – Difficult Consultations with Adolescents.

Other Roles: I am currently the General Secretary of the International Balint Federation.

Mike Tomson

APD, Yorkshire & the Humber Deanery

I am an inner city portfolio GP and partner. My career has spanned CPD tutor (98-09), VTS (GPSTP) tutor (99-09) and now APD for GP work. I was a member of ACO (now UKAPD) executive 03-09 and Vice Chair (07-09). I now lead on support for GPSTRs with performance issues and preparation for MRCGP locally.

Other Roles: GP Sheffield, Trainer, member Scaling the Heights Educational Collaborative.

Jonathan Underhill

Head of Evidence-Based Therapeutics, National Prescribing Centre

Jonathan has over 20 years’ experience as a pharmacist working within the NHS. After 6 years in the hospital sector, he began working at the NPC in 1996 on projects such as MeReC, Prescribing Nurse publications and New Medicines. For the past few years he has worked within the NPC’s Evidence-Based Therapeutics Directorate, setting up the highly successful cascade training programme. His particular interests are around clinical decision making and helping healthcare professionals stay up to date in an efficient and useful way. With managing the NPC’s team of authors and keeping a close fatherly eye on the NPC’s eLearning portfolio NPCi, he has less time than he would like to enjoy the more important aspects of his life, such as his gorgeous family and his misplaced (and largely unrewarded) loyalty to Newcastle United FC.

Mark Waters

GP trainer (Hereford), West Midlands Deanery & Scaling the Heights

Teaching and learning have been an integral part of my professional life in general practice for the last 20 years. I am a trainer, appraiser, and co-organiser of courses through the Scaling the Heights organisation –

Richard Watton

GP Trainer (Sheffield), Yorkshire and the Humber Deanery

I have been a GP at the White House Surgery since 1985.I have been involved in GP education since 1986. For the first 10 years I was a Course Organiser on the Sheffield VTS. Since 1986 I have been a GP Trainer. I have a special interest in the medical care of homeless men.

Other Roles: I am the medical lead for the White House Surgery Multi Professional Learning Project.

Daniel J. Weaver

Former GP trainee (Haverfordwest), Wales Deanery

I’m a final year GP trainee with a young family (at the time of writing, 2012), relishing living back in my home county having spent the previous 10 years training and working in Cardiff, and in the process gaining a Genetics BSc and medical degree. Due to a misspent youth I’ve spent far too much time on computers. Realising he had a medic/geek hybrid in his midst, my TPD put me forward to author the chapter on Mobile Learning.

Clare Wedderburn

APD (Dorset), Wessex Deanery

A GP since 1997 (Bournemouth), I have always had a strong interest in medical education. I worked as a Course Organiser in Southampton for 8 years between 2001and 2008 and have been working in Bournemouth as the Associate Postgraduate GP Dean since 2008.

Veronica Wilkie

Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow, Warwick Medical School

I am a GP in Worcestershire and work at the University of Warwick Medical School 5 sessions a week. I have been a trainer, GP Tutor and Course Organiser, and currently run masters programmes in management and leadership, and research into the use of Multisource feedback in developing leadership skills for doctors in training. I was part of the project team at the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and the NHS Institute that developed the Medical Leadership Competency Framework. I still have input into the development of the NHS leadership strategy, particularly in relationship to revalidation and the GMC.

Other Roles: GP The Corbett Medical Practice, Droitwich, Worcestershire , Curriculum Guardian Evidence Based Practice RCGP, Faculty Board member RCGP Midland Faculty

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