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This book is a comprehensive but very easily readable guide to GP training and medical education in general. It gives clear outlines about educational theory and explains how it applies in practice. It is particularly good on work based assessment, competences and how to support failing trainees. I have recommended to trainers and participants on a Masters level medical education course.
Dr WJS Webb
Finally, the fog starts to clear - this book has been a lifesaver for me as I embark on my pathway to becoming a GP Educator. Thank you, a million times, for straighforward, sensible advice and for giving me the knowledge that I am not alone. Nothing else I have read about educating doctors has made any sense to me. Brilliant.
I've been very impressed by this book. I'm an intending trainer and found it to be a fantastic overview and resource. I've used the section on teaching the consultation, particularly the ideas for teaching the cot. The overview of the MRCGP is also easily applicable and helpful for someone who did the old exam. Its easily readable, well referenced and the Website is packed with further useful information.
A comprehensive, very readable guide to GP training, this is a book which one can dip into or read through. The style is informal and engaging, with many eminent and respected educators contributing to each chapter. The book is also invaluable for educational supervisors,and offers very practical advice to put the theory into practice. I recommend this book without reservation;I'm sure it will become a classic worthy of a place on the bookshelf next to Neighbour and Balint
This is a truely fabulous book , one of those you want to put under your pillow and just hope you could absorb all the information just like that. I am certain it is making me a better trainer and I recommend all trainers and trainees to buy it and read it cover to cover. It has real "lightbulb " moments. Truely essential. Thanks Ramesh.
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